Winning Ways Series #12: Change That Perception! It Is In Your Moment Of Decisions That Your Destiny Is Shaped!

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Winning Ways Series #12: Change That Perception! It Is In Your Moment Of Decisions That Your Destiny Is Shaped!

It's about that time and period of the year all over the globe when churches and ministries are engaging on one program or the other with tags and captions such as CARRY OVER NIGHT AND BREAKING BARRIERS. 
You could believe with me that this is a usual event at the end of every given year but one thing that is important to note here is that, it doesn't matter how many cross over nights or tarry nights we may have attended in this life but of what use and impact has it placed on our being? I could remember those years I will always make a resolution in every last day of the year, promising myself and God that certain actions of mine won't be taken into the new year. I will cry and regret my deed and failure and hope for a better year ahead but do you know those vows are short lived, in some cases after a week or two, I found myself at the same spot I used to be. A time came in my life and I said to myself how long will I continue this way? The best I did for myself is to take cognizance of the things that made me do the things I did and shortly there became an improvement. Do you know you can know what you are doing but don't know what made you do them or why you end up doing what you are doing. The year 2016 is almost rounding up and to some it has been a wonderful year of success and achievement while to some, it is a year of economic recession and disappointment but whatever the case we are all alive even in the face of so many deaths this year. Now I want to take us to the drawing board, let's get back to base. In the military, during a battle when an officer commanding notice that a lot of casualties has been recorded on his troop or if they are running out of logistics, there is always a signal to RETREAT. Note one thing here, the retreat is so important so as to reinforce with adequate manpower, logistics and otherwise. I hope you know what would happen if there wasn't a retreat at the initial point when it was necessary, probably they would loose the battle with heavy casualties. This is exactly what is happening to a lot of people today, you have been fighting all this years for that project, breakthrough, contract etc but no sign of success yet. You have been wounded and hurt in the battle of several relationship so badly even abused and maltreated, it is time to retreat. Severally you have failed in achieving the desired result of your pursuit and goal may be as a result of wrong approach, again I say to you, it is time to retreat. In retreating it doesn't mean you are weak, afraid or have lost rather you need to change that wrong perception of how you think and plan as a means of re-strategizing in order to reinforce as to launch a deserve COME BACK to tackle that stagnation. Now check thyself very well, how has your perception of life been? How do you see and handle challenges? Are you among the majority of people that believe in doing things the way they like. Are you still playing the blame game? Had it been I came from a rich family, if only there was a helper, had it been I went to school, if only my uncles and relations had helped me. Yes they may not have helped you for they too have their own worries as well so it's time to change that reasoning and mentality. Believe in yourself henceforth, you are a success and created for a purpose. Don't relinquish yourself to a self pity condition all the time, pick a hustle, be humble and honest and I see you going higher. Forget and abandon the thought of starting BIG, its disadvantage is imminent crash. Start small so as to master your skills and watch your hustle grow. Believe you can make it with or without depending on peoples input. Never buy the idea of thinking that successful people soil their hands, for there are genuine riches from good hustleYou can do well without cheating and fraudJust figure out those cloud covering your sight from thinking rightly and seeing positively. Finally, today draw a baseline of things you will no longer tolerat and condone that has been detrimental to your growth of success.  If your perception all along hasn't yielded positive result, then CHANGE IT. Let me close today's piece with this prayer to God for you. Gracious and merciful Father, all knowing and all powerful God who began the beginning, today I present to you all those that have desired change of their present situation as a result of stagnation and failures, that You bestow on them the grace and will to succeed and overcome. That every forces and evil from the pit of hell against their joy, success and happiness be destroyed this minute by the blood of JESUS and that nothing shall stop them from fulfilling their purpose on earth. Every spirit of death be destroyed in thy mighty Name of JESUS AMEN. Oh God be their source and provider in every difficult moment and that as this year runs to an end, let there be a sudden last minute blessings and miracles to them that have put their trust in You, be their way maker in JESUS Mighty name I pray Amen.Remain Bless
Evang Tony
(Lalian )

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