She Brought Another Mans Pregnancy Into My Home

Hello Wapbaze Ijeoma. Please help me. I am a very sad and confused man and I dont know what to do. I am engaged to a woman that i have dated for about 7 months now and i am planning to marry her latest by February 2017. We have concluded plans to meet her people by this Christmas and she has already met my people. She is in her final year at the university but she comes over to my place every weekend and goes back to school on Monday mornings. She was initially insisting on no sex before marriage but we do romance and cuddle but she gave in to me sexually after i proposed on October 2nd. Around the first week of November, She confided in me that she hasnt seen her monthly cycle for sometime so I suggested that we head to a hospital for tests but she said that it was unnecessary that she is suspecting that she is pregnant that instead of wasting money on hospital tests that she will buy a pregnancy test strip for N50 at the chemist opposite my house. I agreed and gave her N100 to buy two strips since she said that the test needs to be done twice to be sure that the results are accurate as the strips could falter atimes. She bought the strips and we waited till the next day because the direction said that it works best on early morning urine. The test showed that she was indeed pregnant and my joy knew no bounds. She went back to school and our lives continued normally until last weekend. Se usually comes over for the weekend on Saturdays but strange enough, last weekend she called me and told me that she was coming on friday  instead. when she arrived later in the evening, she was somehow moody and was complaining of not feeling too well. I opted to take her to the hospital but she said that i shouldnt bother that she would be fine, that maybe its the baby. Around 8pm, that same friday, she started bleeding. there was blood everywhere. she sent me to go and buy a pad called ladysept so she can put in her vagina before we go to the hospital. at that moment, i was in tears, i knew that we have lost the baby. I bought the pad and drove her to the hospital where the doctor confirmed that that the baby has gone bad and was evacuating. I cried my self silly at the hospital as they rushed her into the theater to do D and C. she was sedated and i thought she was going to die. I didnt know what to do. I thought of what I would tell her family if she dies in my hands. I didnt know that the real shock was coming. when the operation was through, she was wheeled out to the ward where i waited and watched her and prayed that she would wake up from the anesthetic she was given and by the grace of God, she woke up around 2am on Saturday morning. We cried together once more and i assured her that it is all right. that God will give us another baby. Now imagine my shock when one of the junior doctors came around on the morning ward round on that Saturday morning around 8am and i asked him what may have caused the miscarriage. The doctor told me that it happens atimes dues to many reasons ranging from bad eggs to hormonal imbalances and other numerous factors he mentioned. while he concluded, he told us that the miscaried foetus was 10 weeks old. The problem is that I only had sex with my her on the first week of October and the incident happened on8th or 9th of December, so the whole thing didnt add up. if the baby is really mine, then it should be around 8 weeks. I confronted her there and then and she pleaded with me to keep calm until we got home. I managed to calm my self and payed the bills and we left the hospital that evening. Back home, I queried her and she insisted that she didnt know what happened. yesterday being sunday, she went back to the hospital without telling me only for me to find out when my phone rang and it was the senior doctor of the hospital. He told me that my fiancee came to the hospital that morning with complains and that he wants to assure me that the age reading of fetus is often time in accurate by up to 2 weeks that I should not worry about the timing. honestly Laila, I am confused. i dont know what to believe because this university girls can often times be funny. Please help me post this so that your mature female readers and experienced males can help me analyse this because i smell something fishy. what if she bribed the senior doctor to say something else to protect the marriage plans? or is it through that the medical readings of babies is often time in accurate that it can be 2 weeks older or younger. please i need help because. I have decided to quit the relationship immediately she leaves my house this morning. what if she was lying, this is how i would have become one of those men whom their first child isnt theirs. I am really confused and i need explanations. Thank you and please pardon me for any typo in the mail. I am not in the right frame of mind now.

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