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over smart akpos

Akpors borded a bus on his way home from his place of work at fadeyi.
Akpors: how much is ketu
Conductor: na 200Naira
Akpors: (entered the bus without complain).
When the bus got to onipanu the conductor was still shouting Ketu N200
Akpors: (was supprised but kept quiet).
The bus got to idiroko and the conductor kept shouting ketu N200
Akpors quietly came down from the bus without paying.
Conductor: Hey Oga were is my money.
Akpors: from from fadeyito ketu is howmuch?
Conductor: N200.
Apkors: from here to ketu is how much?
Conductor: N200.
Apkors: then as a professor of mathematics, from fadeyito from fadeyi to here is free. lol!
Is Akpors smart or foolish?

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Posted By soba On 11:21 Sat, 27 Jul 2013

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