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Agric Agricultural Science (OBJ ESSAY) Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers

Agric Science Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers

Tuesday, 6th September, 2016
Agricultural Science (Essay&Objec
9.30am – 12.30pm


(i) They help to educate the farmers on new farming techniques
(ii) They help provide agricultural shows and talks to the farmers
(iii) They help to provide improved seedlings to the farmers
(iv) They help to provide pesticides to the farmers
(v) They help to train the farmers on better planting methods as newly developed

(i) the land can be used as collateral to obtain loans from commmercial banks
(ii) the land cab be improved by way of fertilizer-application in order to maintain its fertility
(iii) it leads to excessive land fragmentation wgich makes the land very difficult and unecomincal
(iv) sharing of land is a delicate issue which can generate bitter enmity among family members

(i) plant the crops on the best soil within the farm
(ii) building should be located in easily accessible areas
(iii) livestock buildings should be located on the poorest soil withing the farm
(iv) farm building should not be located on slopes to avoid erosion

(i) The knapsack sprayer is used for applying pesticide to the crops
(ii) The knapsack sprayer is used for applying fertilizer to the soil

(i) Cultivators
(ii) Harrow
(iii) Planks and rollers

Soil PH can be defined as a measure of degree of acidity or alkalinity of the soil

(i) leaching
(ii) Use of acid fertilizers
(iii) Presence of acid parent materials

(i) Agricultural limestone
(ii) Wood ashes
(iii) Organic matter

-Cowpea: Grain legumes-These crops are rich in protein
-Amaranthus:Vegetable crops-These crops provide vitamins and minerals
-Oil palm: Oil crops-These crops provide oil when processed for domestic and industrial use
-Coconut: Oil crops-These crops provide oil when processed for domestic and industrial use
-Cassava: Root and tuber crops-These crops produce tubers under the ground and they provide arbonhydrate
-Maize: Cereal crops-This crops belong to the grass family and they provide carbonhydrate
-Soya bean: Grain legumes-These crops are rich in protein
-Cocoa: Beverage crops-They provide food drinks when processed
-Pepper: Spices-They provide vitamins and minerals
-Plantain: Fruit crops-They also provide vitamins and mineral

(i)Cowpea-Vigna unguiculata
(ii)Rubber-Hevea braziliensis
(iii)Oil palm-Elaeis guineensis
(iv)Yam-Dioscrea spp
(v)Cocoa-Theobroma cacao

(3ai) It is caused by fungi
(3aii) Rain and wind can spread disease, as well as insects and irrigation water.
(3aiii) chlorosis of the onion leaves occurs
(i)Bury or flail infected crop residues after harvest to promote decomposition.
(ii)Avoid overhead water and over-watering, especially in transplant production.

(i)They feed on natural fibers
(ii)They have a direct impact on agricultural food production by chewing the leaves of crop plants
(iii)They reduce crop yield
(iv)they reduce the quality of crops
(v)they cause retarded growth of crops

(i)Select boars that are free from defects
(ii) grow faster than average
(iii)have less backfat than the average of the breed
(iv) have eaten less feed than average to reach a specific weight.

(i)Good for maternal and rotational crossbreeding
(ii)Docility and ease of management
(iii)Lower wintering cost
(iv)Early maturity and longevity

(i)availability of good feeds
(ii)Good weather and climatic conditions
(iii)Low attack by diseases

area of deep liter
white legtherm for square = 200/3

Artificial insemination is the process of collecting sperm cells from a male animal and manually depositing them into the reproductive tract of a female.

(i) improving production traits in cattle operation
(ii) the ability to mate specific sires to individual cows
(iii) reducing the number of herd bulls needed in cattle operation
(iv) It makes possible the mating of animals with great differences in size without injury to either of the animals.

Floriculture is the cultivation of flowers or flowering plants, especially for ornamental purposes.

(i) Crotalaria
(ii) Allamanda
(iii)Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam)
(iv)Crataegus monogyna (Hawthorn)

-water use efficiency is high
-It ensures low low evaporation losses from the soil
-It does not create obstruction when carrying out cultural practices

-Water which has high salt content cannot be used
-It requires some level of expertise or technical know how
-It is a bit expensive

(i) Irrigation softens the soil for esy tillage operations
(ii) It provides moisture in the soil for root absorption
(iii) It assists in facilitating crop production all year round
(iv) Irrigation dissolves nutrients for root absorption

Farm budgeting is a process of estimating costs, returns and net profit of a farm or a particular enterprise. Budget is a statement of estimated income and expenditure.

(i)Salvage value=D30,000
(ii)Useful life of the tractor=10years
(iii)Total depreciation=cost price - salvage value

Annual depreciation=cost price-salvage value/lifespan

(i)he must be persuasive
(ii)he must be approachable
(iii)he must pass government policy to the farmers
(iv)he must be knowledgeable

-the farmer receives more attention from the agent.
-the farmer gets information faster through the use of telephone
-it waste a lot of time
-many farmers cannot e reached

-it saves cost and time
-it is not as tedious as in personal contact
-the unserious ones can discourage others
-shortage of extension workers to reach many groups

these are laws promulgated by the government in form of decrees, edicts and bye laws to prevent people from exploiting the forest at will, that is helps to conserve or preserve trees.


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