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Biology Practical Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers

Biology Practical Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers
Free Biology Practical expo Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers

Monday, 5th September, 2016
Biology 3 (Alternative to Practical
2.00pm – 4.00pm

(i)Onion bulb
(iii)It has a swollen stem

I-Membraneous leaves
II-Outer scaly leaves
III-Thick fleshy storage leaves
IV-Auxillary buds
v)It is stored in the fleshy leaves
II-It protect the inner leaves
III-It stores food for the plant
VI-It absorbs nutrients from the soil

(iv)Hollow containig water

i-protects the seed and makes fruit to float on water
ii-makes the fruit to be bouyant in water during dispersal
*Fleshy drupe
-It is fleshy
-It consists of epicarp,mesocarp and endocarp ie thin epicarp,fibrous mesocarp
*Palm nut,mango
-It is used as food for man
-It is used as an ornament plant
It is used for making oil
-The fibrous mesocarp is used for cooking


i)For phylum:
-Presence of jointed appendages
-Presence of chitinous exoskeleton
ii)For class
-Presence of three pairs of walking legs
-Presence of segemented body parts

i)Organism D is male
ii)Presence of anal style

i)D has anal style while G does not
ii)The terminal end of G's abdomen is modified into a boat like structure for carrying egg case
iii)D has larger antennae

i)D has wings for flight and escape production
ii)F is smaller and could hide easily in crevices

I-Foilage leaf
III-Tap root
V-Split testa

I-It is the primitive leaf which manufactures food for the seedling
II-It functions as the primitive stem for seedling
V-It protect the inner parts of the seedling before germination
IV-It absorbs nutrients from the soil
VII-It provides food for germination
VI-It grows to form the root of the seedling

Epigeal germination


-The seed requires warmth,water,viable seeds etc for germiation
-The seed absorbs moisture and become swollen
-The seed splits ,the radicle grows to form the root while the plumule form the shoot

It is carried above the soil level as a result of elongation of the epicotyl



-Viable seeds


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