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Couple Stayed Celibate For 4 Years Until Their Wedding Day Because They Didn’t Need ‘physical Distractions’

A young couple who stayed celibate for four years has revealed their relationship didn’t need “physical distractions”.

Jaime, 28, and Leon Rowe, 34, from Birmingham, got engaged two months after meeting at a library but vowed to not have sex until marriage.

The couple, who are born again Christians, said their faith and lessons learnt from past failed relationships stopped them becoming intimate.

“’We feel the years spent together before our marriage helped us build our relationship on firm ground, as our only real tool was verbal communication, not physical distractions,” Jaime told MailOnline.

The pair tied the knot last September in Gretna Green and their nuptials were filmed for Channel 4’s show Wedding Town, which airs next week.

Jaime, who was first attracted to Leon when she spotted him reading a pray book, told the programme why they enforced a sex ban.

“We believe you find your husband, you get to know them and then you get married,” she said.

“When we tell our friends they are shocked but it won’t happen till our wedding night.”

Leon revealed they only began sharing a bed six months before they said ‘I do’.

Jaime said: “To stop the temptation to begin with we topped and tailed, he’s gradually worked his way up to the pillow slowly.”

She said she “felt like a schoolgirl” on their big day because she was so nervous.

Leon agreed, adding: “We don’t know what to expect as we haven’t done it before, it is like opening a new present – it will be a fun time unwrapping.”

The pair, who celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month, are glad they waited to have sex and say it has made their romance stronger.

Jaime said: “It really brought us close together on a really deep level. We know this may sound crazy to some, but for us it was just right. We would not change anything.

“It was really hard for us but we are now enjoying and reaping the rewards and our love is still deepening daily.”

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