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Lailans, We Are Having A Cooking Competition On This Blog Come Sunday!

It all depends on if you guys agree we do it sha. But here's what I'm thinking.

....So this idea came to me during the week.

How many of us enjoying watching these food competitions on DSTV Food channel? The Iron Chef America, Chopped, Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen etc. Then back here in Nigeria, we have all the cooking competitions sponsored by brands. How many of us love watching these shows?

Come to think of it, everyday we ourselves cook in our homes. People like Kemi EA Events do it for
a living. Why can't we show off these wonderful meals we make everyday? Abi na because we no be celebrities yet?

So, I have decided to start this new trend but it all depends on if you guys are cool with it.

 Here's how it will go:

Every Monday, we will announce our dish of the week. Ok? 
Readers will send in nominations for the meal to be cooked and we pick the one with the highest votes.

Let's say we pick Egusi soup as our dish of the week on a Monday.

2. Every reader who will prepare Egusi soup in his/her house from that Monday to Saturday is expected to take pics of himself/herself cooking the soup and send them to me - Lailasblog@gmail.com

3. Take photos of your ingredients before cooking, take photos of your soup boiling, take photos when it is done and proudly sitting in your pot, take photos of your mouthwatering nourishment when you have served it and it is ready to be devoured and send ALL to me.
Also include pics of what you are serving it with ie akpu, garri or semo or even rice.

See examples below.

There won't be any need to tell us how you cooked it. We just want to see what you cooked for your loved ones.

Contestants will be judged on how salivating, attractive your meal looks. Presentation.

4. Then on Sundays, I will collate all the pics sent in and upload here and let all of us decide who our 'Best Cook' for that week is.
It's not going to be just for the ladies, guys too with correct cooking skills, I beg you to participate. Your cooking skills will be shown off for us all to decide who's the baddest.

Some guys too dey make mouth say they are badder than Falzthebadguy and women when it comes to cooking. This is the time to prove yourself or forever remain silent. You can invite your friends and family to join the competition too.

Let's have fun with it.

Winner gets his/her picture featured on our sidebars for his/her week of reign, with N3k recharge card.

Won't that be cool? Or what do you think?

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Posted By cheatmaster On 05:32 Fri, 19 Aug 2016

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