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"God Is Merciful: He Also Gave Us Common Sense"

This story of a little baby miraculously saved from being crushed by 450kg bags of cement has been trending, and we give thanks to God for averting what would have undoubtedly being another tragic story that would have painfully featured on this blog. However, one thing I am learning every day is God uses miracles to save us from our own carelessness.

Before I continue, read how the baby survived this near fatality.
Something great took place at my wife's cement shop on Saturday evening. lt was only God who could have done such a miracle no other! Her sales girl's baby was laying down sleeping on a math tha is close to where d cements are parked, soddenly the baby started crying, d mother carried her trying to make her go back to sleep.

As soon as she slept n d mother wanted to lay her down on d math d baby opened her eyes n started crying again. Then within few minutes the mother lifted her, 9 BAGS of cement fail on the math where d baby was supposed to be laying on! CAN U IMAGINE WAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF D BABY WAS STILL LAYING ON DAT MATH SLEEPING!! IT IS ONLY GOD COULD DO SUCH MIRACLE. Pls my people, praise HIM ooo, the Almighty God with my Family oooo!!!!!"Thank God for his mercies, but let us ask why on earth anyone will lay a tiny helpless baby beside several kilograms of cement that can collapse any time? It reminds me of the latest demolition of shops in Lagos. The Lagos government recently demolished shops built under high tension powerlines in the Council area of Ikotun. Now, people are crying foul but how will any sane person build shops under electricity power lines?? When one of those cables dropped in Port Harcourt 3 years ago, close to 63 people underneath were roasted, but yet shops and houses are still being built around them years later.

Yes, God is merciful, and if He allowed us completely control our destinies, we would likely go extinct within a very short time because we are a danger unto ourselves.

God is merciful, He also gave every human being common sense.

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