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"I Fear For Our Generation...a Generation That Has No Respect For Elders"

This user has a few words to those who abuse elderly folks online because of the freedom social media has given everyone. It's a very interesting submission. Read below

"This attitude of Abusing our Fathers and grandfathers when they say something that the younger generation doesn't agree with is worrisome. I mean we can respectfully and constructively disagree,or Waka pass sef. But because social media has given everyone a voice,that voice is now used to insult our elders. It is very wrong.

I've seen comments insulting Baba, insulting his intelligence, his calling,his dress sense,insulting everything "insultable"-all because he gave his opinion about what young men and women should look out for in the opposite sex when considering marriage. If you don't agree with it, shebi u waka pass and do the one you feel is right for you?

I fear for our generation...a generation that has no respect for elders,a generation that sees nothing wrong in insulting elders. They are all over social media- twitter especially, is their playground.

Culturally,it is wrong. Morally, it is Wrong. I'm a Christian,and so I subscribe to the tenets of the bible,which is Gods word to me. And in the bible,respect for parents/ elders are emphasised. I'm also sure people from other religions have their own books that highlight/talk about respect for elders.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Don't abuse your freedom of speech. And this new way of life of young'uns insulting elders? I fear. Because, there will be consequences."


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Posted By cheatmaster On 04:22 Fri, 05 Aug 2016

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