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Pretty Girl Awarded Thousands In Compensation After Dentist Left Her With Teeth Like A Shark (pics)

A 21 year old lady has been awarded £10,000 compensation after a series of dental blunders left her with teeth like a shark.\

Stunning Lauren Field, first noticed pain in her gums when she was 10 years old, but after her family dentist failed to pull the milk tooth out, the adult tooth grew out of her gums.

The distraught 21-year-old, from Bletchley, Milton Keynes, returned to dentist Dr Bechar several times – but he refused to refer her to an orthodontist.

Lauren first had problems when she was 10 and noticed a strange lump on the side of her gum.

She visited the dentist, who insisted the milk tooth would fall out on its own – but it didn’t, leaving her with teeth like a shark as her adult tooth grew through her gum.

She said: “I thought he’d pull the baby tooth out, but he said it would fall out naturally.

“Then my adult tooth began to grow horizontally which cut against my lip making it bleed.

“It caused really bad ulcers.

“When I closed my mouth you could see a lump on the side of my face.

“I was so embarrassed as kids at school would point it out.

“My confidence was shattered.”

It wasn’t until she was 18 and had visited three separate dentists that she was referred to a specialist.

Lauren said: “I am having to go through this traumatic experience as an adult.

“It’s so frustrating because, had Dr Bechar taken the right action immediately, it would have saved me so much time and suffering.”

Lauren is now worried employers won’t take her seriously as she is forced to wear braces to job interviews.

She said: “I am having to wear braces to job interviews, which makes me feel so self-conscious because I think they’re not going to take me seriously.”

Dental Law Partnership helped Lauren land a £10,000 out of court settlement from Dr Bechar.


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