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Check out the latest Ankara styles every millenial should own (photos)

There’s no need to go over the history of Ankara all we need to do now is get with the program. As a young and vibrant Millennial there are certain ways you wear your ensembles now.

Unlike the old days when the Ankara fabric was limited to styles like Iro and Buba, Caftan and Bubu this days we see a lot of creativity with the use of this fabric.

Now that contemporary styles are acceptable almost anywhere, more and more designers have taken the Ankara fabric seriously and there is absolutely nothing that can’t be sewn using the Ankara fabric. So all that is left is for the Millennial to choose the right style.

Since the options are almost limitless it’s always hard to navigate and figure out the pieces you should own as a Millennial. So here’s our take on the Ankara styles every Millennial should own, this
Ankara styles should be a staple.

You can even check out the latest fashion styles using this app too.

Ankara Dress
Dresses are a staple for anybody both young and old so having a gorgeous dress made from Ankara is certainly a plus. But for dresses every Millennial should have at least two pieces one flare dress with a shorter length and a long slit gown that you can wear anywhere.

Ankara Shorts

We wear shorts whether they are long or they are really short and mostly they are perfect for running little errands or casual brunch dates and hangouts so why not have at least one made from the Ankara fabric. 
Ankara Trousers

We wear trousers everywhere, so having at least two different styles made from delicious looking Ankara fabric can definitely up your style game. The trick for trousers is to get the best fabric, so don’t go buying stiff Ankara fabrics, use the real wax and Holland was type.

Ankara skirts 

Need I say much, there are so many skirt styles that can be created from Ankara but the best styles right now would be the flare skirt (short or long) and the calve length skirt. Have these in your wardrobe because it is certainly a staple.

These are certainly Ankara wardrobe staples every Millennial should own.

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