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Lailans, I Need Your Help; Come in here, please

OK, let me explain how I need your help, guys.

I have always had this vision for Laila's blog - that it will be a place, a family, a community where members/ readers come together and read interesting true life stories about fellow readers' lives.

It could be weird stories, embarrassing stories, funny stories, inspiring stories, educative stories, life changing (or a mix of all six) personal experiences. Something like this, this, this.

A community where readers will, anonymously, contribute their personal stories that are inspired by things happening in their own lives. Not just to ask for advice but inspire, educate, challenge,
amuse, entertain others.

We are not doing that here consistently yet and I want that to happen.

So I want to ask you, dearies. The same way you all send me pictures for our weekly competitions, can you send me stories as well? It will be BAM, AWESOME if we can have 3 readers' stories to share here everyday.

Or what do you think?

I'm especially interested in personal stories told from a raw, honest perspective about:

Your Love and Relationships -  tell us about that something unusual, interesting or downright amazing that has happened in your life when it comes to love and relationships. And the sad, embarrassing ones too.SEX - have you ever landed in a hospital or at the chemist's shop right after you finished having sex? Or have you ever  had sex with your partner every day for a month? lmao. Send me your story.Marriage - November 15th, I will be marking my 8th wedding anniversary. How has your own marriage been? You sure have a valuable story  you will want to share with the house. You can do it anonymously. So send it in now.Divorce is happening everyday, unfortunately it's on a rise in Nigeria right now and you don't have to be a celebrity to face it. Send us your story so other can read and learn. Gone through or you going through a Breakup right now? Is your man/wife Cheating? - Send us your story of what happened, how you found out, how you dealt with it.Family, Kids. They can be so lovely, they can be so much joy, they can be a pain in the butt. lol. Send us your experiences.How are you making your Dreams and Goals, Vision for your life come true? Please share your success/hustle story with us.
There are many people with similar experiences who will benefit from reading your story. All of it will be shared Anonymously, without your name if you want it that way.

Let's make this happen, guys!

Send your stories to my email - LailasBlog@gmail.com

I can't wait to read what you send me! Thank you in advance my blessed people!!

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