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So I Heard You Want to Charm Your Ex-Lover Back into Your Arms.... (MUST READ!)

Hello Heartbroken! If you are reading this, I am assuming you have recently been dumped, broken up with, heart torn apart, feelings crushed, feeling like life isn’t worth living, feeling like you aren’t good enough or thinking why me? Chin up, you’re better than that. They are just emotions, a chemically influenced overload on your brain.

& Trust me friend, I’ve been there… you have no clue  and I’m going to try to save you a lot of future misery and do my best to guide you in the right direction and give you the best chance of either getting over your ex, or getting your ex back.. the right way.Now listen closely here, closer, closer,  even closer.YOUR ONE & ONLY OPTION HERE IS TO GO *NO CONTACT*.  No, you cant get them back by begging, pleading, crying. No, you cant get them back by writing love poems, sending gifts, or declaring your love for them on Facebook. & You definitely can’t get them back by being “just friends”(No, GOD NO.. seriously DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT)Now since that’s out of the way, here’s how you get them back..YOU MOVE ON!Yes, I know, it sounds counterproductive, but anything and everything you do other than moving on with set you back or permanently kill your chances of ever getting your ex back, EVER!Now, when I say Move On, I mean you stick to no contact through and through, you live your life, you do all the crying you have too, you do all the partying you want to, you simply DO YOU.IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IT APPEARS TO THEM, THAT THEY HAVE *LOST YOU*.and despite whatever number of days someone tries to tell you, YOU DO NOT BUDGE until they contact you..Because they will.
that is, if you have a chance.  To be quite honest, if they do not contact you within a few months, it doesn’t look good. You then stick to NO CONTACT , you remember who you were before the break-up, because that’s still who you are, and you go where the wind takes you.You be brave (you know that song, I wanna see you be brave? You be f’n brave my friend!because you will survive, either way.Now if they do contact you, and there is a VERY good chance they will, (especially if the relationship was 6 months or longer) you CANNOT and I repeat, you CANNOT jump at the first chance you get to try and reconcile.YOU MUST NOT REPLY TO OR ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN:
Kapeesh? Anything less than that is bs, breadcrumbs, seeing if you’re still on the hook, etc.You have to make them work for it. Seriously, you can’t give in.again, it has to appear as if they have lost you.I cannot stress this enough, because if you hang around they will never know what it’s like to miss you. And they will continue to lose respect for you, loss respect means loss attraction, means loss chances.Now the #1 way to see how invested they really are in getting back together with you, is to date other people.I know what you’re thinking, I don’t even need to say it, but I will tell you this..there is nothing more attractive to your ex, than seeing their ex happpy with someone else.It drives guys crazy, its drives girls into a murderous rage. (ive seen it first hand and Ive been there too)Now, I am not telling you to go play with someone else’s emotions and then go and break their heart when your ex comes crawling back.. that would be wrong. Its also going to take some time before you can even think about dating someone else, so take all the time you need.What I have been trying to say along is you have to do your best to move on, and if a few months down the road your ex contacts you , again with nothing less than *I WANT TO GET BACK TOGETHER* and you still want to be with them, then you do what you have to do.Because if you are the one who was dumped, you simply cannot go back or make anything right.The dumper has too.And you have to make them work for it, nothing less than *I want to get back together* NOTHING. Make them squirm, scream, cry whatever, but until you get the *I want to get back together*, don’t even give them the time of the day.If anything, appear as happy as ever and do not bring up anything about the relationship or wanting to get back together, if that cat gets out of the bag too soon, you lose!IF YOU ARE EASY TO GET, YOU WILL BE EASY TO FORGET. also imperative.& you really don’t know what you got until its gone, and neither do they.If they love you, they will come crawling back. Guaranteed, because what’s meant to be, will be.I know its short and sweet but that’s all that needs to be said.There is no magic formula, solution or any other way.

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