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This is Why Your Vagina is Smelly...

Vagina is a self-cleansing organ i.e it doesn't need vigorous cleaning/scrubbing.. I agree.I'm of the opinion that ladies who wear very long nails are likely to have smelly Veejay...

This is, because the nails won't enable the finger tips move around the area to clean from inside out effectively...your Vagina could be bruised while trying..

Prove me wrong but there is no way, no how you can work magic with those type of nails towards ensuring a clean area...When I see ladies with very long nails, especially the chubby to fat ladies, I instantly suspect an unclean Veejay..with their very long nails how can they even thoroughly clean up their full and fleshy overlapping chamber..
If you ask me, besides being unhygienic, very long nails arent attractive nor classy...they only look nice on birds.By Ex Hottest TILB READERVictoria ACE

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Posted By cheatmaster On 03:55 Tue, 19 Jul 2016

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