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funny facts

1)Since José Mourinho got
sacked by Chelsea in 2007.
Chelsea have won 7
trophies and Arsenal have
won 0."
(2)When you scream God's name during sex, Iwonder
you're trying to remind Him
to punish u later."
(3)The day a Ghost got
involved in an accidentwas the
day i stopped watching
(4)What's the relationship
between Rain & PHCN in
Nigeria? It seems almost like an automatic switch
(5)Someone walks up to u
drinking Ice-Creamand tells
u to help him with T-fare
cos he's Stranded..pls shoot Him!"
(6)He did the Exam so well
that He Took the Answer
Scripts Home to show His
(7) That awkward moment when you type"Trophyless"
on Google and the result
(8)Just put currency sign in
front of your pin and igbo
girls would add you. $2737A4A7"
(9) sweat from some girls'
armpits will turn blue litmus
paper red."
(10)If your Girlfriend
refuses to accept the Bible &
anointing oil or Qu'ran as
Vals gift, free her, na

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