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U can change ur java apps screen size eg games like from 240x320 to 176x220
with your phone

1 Right-click on the ".jar" Java game file you want to change and
open it with a RAR program, such
as winRAR or unRAR. Windows
should come with a RAR program
installed. If it does not, you can
download a free program (see Resources).
2 Open the folder
labeled "META- INF" and then drag
the file "MANIFEST.MF" to your
3 Double-click on the
"MANIFEST.MF" file you dragged to
your desktop. This should open the file with the Notepad program.
4 At the bottom of the file, add the
following text: Nokia-MIDlet-
Original-Display- Size: xxx,xxx
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display- Size:
xxx,xxx The "xxx,xxx" represents the resolution numbers. For
instance, if the game runs at a
resolution of 352-by-416 and you
want to change it to a smaller
resolution, the lines would look like
the following: Nokia-MIDlet- Original-Display- Size: 352,416
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display- Size:
240,320 5 Save the file and drag it
back to the original .jar folder. via
cp use jarboom to decompile and
compile the java file. e

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