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what nigeria guls rilly think abt penis size..enter to read

No doubt, we have all been
bombarded by foreign
statistics concerning what
women think about penis
Personally, I believe their
statistics will only reflect
their society. In a society like
Nigeria where we are a bit
more reserved about sex,
and where you will be hard-
pressed to find a girl that
will leave a prospective
suitor over penis size, what
does this say about our
sexual needs.
Well, since I can’t speak for
everyone, I asked a few
single women what they
really think about penis size.
Will they, or will they not
leave a man because his size
doesn’t do it for them in the
See their response below;
“I won’t mind his size, as
long as he loves me and I’m
happy with him” – Lola
“I think love and sex go
hand in hand, if he is not
well endowed, I won’t be
with him”- Linda
“God forbid. A man without
an ample manhood is not a
real man. I need a real man
that can give it to me well in
the bedroom” – G
” As long as he knows how
to use it, I can be with a man
with a small manhood” –
“Well, I don’t think his size
means he will be better in
bed. Some guys with big
penises still don’t know
what they are doing, so I will
take what I get” -Chi Chi
“Na penis I wan chop? If he
treats me right and takes
care of me well, of course I
will stay with him. But if I
meet someone else with
bigger instrument, I might
fall into temptation ooo. lol”-
“No ooo, why will I be with a
man I can’t feel during sex.
Size is important, just as
breast size is important for
some men” – TK
“Either one God gives me, I
will collect” – Bukky
“Anybody that says sex is
not important is just
deceiving themselves. If your
sex life isn’t good, it will
affect your relationship. So
yes, I will prefer a man with
a bigger size so we can both
be happy” – Janet
“My man is quite small down
there but we know how to
work around it. So I don’t
think size is that important”
– Francie
So, guys, there you have it.
Ladies, let us have your own
opinion in the comments

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