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the fact in the softdrink

Soft drinks contain high calories of added sugars which are in pure form. Cos they are in pure form,they are easily taken into d bloodand causes d pancreas to produce moreinsulin than is needed or make it ineffective. This results in weight gain, diabetes and insulin dysfunction. E.g a 50cl coke contains 10 and half cubes of sugar which is about 210kcal.
2. Soft drinks are very acidic. They have acidityof 2.5 the equivalent of vinegar. Fish die in water wt PH of 4 and above 10. Compare the acidity of softdrinks withcar battery of PH 1 and pure water of neutral 7 and see d harm u are doing urself. This is very harmful to d body nomatter d level of sugar in disguise that makes u want 4 more. The high acidity causes or worsensur ulcer, causes kidney stone, dehydration, heart burn and to worsen it increases the thirst 4 more.3. Do u know that soft drinks or sodas have no nutritional value. They contain mostly added sugar and acids such as carbonic and phosphoric which are harmful. The so called diet soda which contain ASPARTAME- an artificial sweetener in place of sugar. Manufacturers claim aspartame is not harmfulas it serves the role of sugar and contribute amino acids to d body. But recent research hasshowed that aspartame when taken in is broken down into phenylalanine,aspartate and then methanol. The methanol is further converted to formaldehyde, a carcinogen that causes cancer.
As u take soft drinks like coke, 7up, fayrouz, fanta,pepsi, etc pls be properly guided the above facts cos health they say is wealth

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