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Why Kissing Is Good For Your Health

Reasons why kissing is good
for you: 1. It helps prevent tooth decay
(better than brushing your
Dr. Peter Gorden, Dental
Advisor at the British Dental
Association, explains. ¡°After eating, your mouth is full of
sugar solution and acidic saliva,
which cause plaque build up.
Kissing is nature¡¯s own
cleaning process¡±, he adds. ¡°It
stimulates saliva flow and brings plaque levels down to
normal.¡± I asked my dentist
and after he blushed, he
2. It relieves tension.
A passionate kiss is a great relaxation technique, says
stress consultant, Michelle Kay
Mcnabb. ¡± When your mouth is
in a kissing position, you are
almost smiling and as our
emotions and body language are so closelylinked, it¡¯s
almost impossible to smile and
feel tense at the same time,¡±
she explains. ¡°Also, your
breathing becomes deeper and
your eyes close when you kiss; that¡¯s what you do when
you relax. It¡¯s a perfect way
to shut out the world.¡±
3. It helps you lose weight.
Just how long can you do
that? You need use 3000 calories to lose one pound, i.e.,
30,000 minutes, 500 hours¡­ ¡°A
long kiss makes the
metabolism burn up sugar
faster than usual,¡± says Claire
Potter. ¡°The calories burned depend on theintensity, but
you can rely on 10 calories for
every 10 minutes.¡±
4. It slows the aging process.
¡°Kissing helps to tone your
cheek and jaw muscles, so they¡¯re less likely to sag,¡± says
Cosmo¡¯s Fitness Consultant,
Claire Potter.
It increases fitness levels.
(Okay, now there is really no
reason why you can¡¯t start some exercise now).
¡°Your heart is pumping, your
pulse is racing¡­¡±If kissing is
exciting, you release
adrenaline into the
bloodstream and your heart pumps more blood around
your body,¡± says Dr. Susan
Hotchkies. ¡°It¡¯s a great
cardiovascular workout.¡±
5. It¡¯s a good indication of
what¡¯s to come. (Make sure he or she is not married, please).
Kissing a new guy or gal gives
you the perfect opportunity
to check out his or her
pheromones ¨C the chemical
messengers that signal sexual attraction. ¡± The first kiss is
always a good way to work
out if there¡¯s any chemistry
between you, ¡°says Paul
Brown, a sexual and marital
therapist. ¡± In humans, it¡¯s thought that smells plays a
vital part in subconscious
attraction, and if your
pheremones aren¡¯t ¡®in tune¡¯,
you¡¯re unlikely to hit off!
6. It boosts self-esteem. There¡¯s nothing better than a
passionate kiss for a major
dose of feel good factor. ¡°In
theory, when you¡¯re kissing,
you¡¯re happy. And when
you¡¯re happy, you feel good about yourself,¡± says
psychotherapist Paul Zeal. Don¡¯t leave kissing out of
romance. Kiss someone special
today and see if your love life

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