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What Do Your Parents Do When A Movie Gets To A Sex Scene?

when i was a teenager, such moments are always awkward and fun as for my mum she will immediately start looking at her toes, and my dad will scramble for the remote and change it to aljazeera, and starts the lecture........... the purpose we all convey in this parlour is to create a family time, to create this bond, closure and thats what decent and close knitted families do, now its 9pm dont you have school tomorrow? we will all say no, and he will say wont you go and do your assignments, we will say no assignments, and he will say the people who invented TVS are great book worms and we should be studying hard to invent our own tv, if we still refuse to goto bed, he will change his facial expression to angry and say go and sleep, children needs sleep to grow, after we leave he will resume the movie. grin, i cant help but laugh whenever i recall with nostalgia how funny those days was

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