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A Man sat down in a bar thinking deeply, with an empty bottle and a glass of drink on the top of the table in front of him. A Truck
stopped at the front of the bar, the Truck Driver came down smiling
and walked up to the Man inside the bar. He tapped the Man on his
shoulder and stretched out his hand, reached for the glass of drink,
picked it up and drank it. The Man all of a sudden, bursted out crying. The Truck Driver exclaimed; Why are you crying, is it because
i drank your drink, a Man like you should not cry, just because of
an ordinary glass of drink. The Man said in tears; Today, life is
indeed unfair to me. This morning, i didn't wake up early and so i
went to work late and got sacked by my boss. As i came out of the
company's building, my car was nowhere to be found. I got to know
it had been stolen and then took a taxi to the police station, made a
report, and they assured me they'll find it. I took the same taxi
home. I arrived home but as the taxi drove off, i realised i had
forgotten my wallet worth alot of money inside the taxi. I got into my
house, caught my Wife sleeping with the Gate Man and came here to
end my life. You've just drank my poison.
If na u drink am wetin u go do?

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