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Must Read! Freeze Speaks On How Humans Idolize Their Pastors Instead Of Looking Unto God

It usually starts with giving out cars and preaching doctrines that Jesus did not instruct..... then it ends like this. 👆👆👆 Most Nigeria's don't practice Christianity instead their religion of choice is Pastoria, Where idolizing and worshiping men of God, is what they foolishly believe would guarantee them heaven. I showed someone a verse from the bible the other day and all she could say was "that's not what PAPA said" I said "read it yourself it's right here in the bible" she called me all sorts of names and we never spoke again. Fast forward 3 years later I met her in court, her husband was seeking a dissolution of their 7year marriage citing adultery, the proof of which was their last born son.

Apparently the boy was very frail and sickly and after conducting all the necessary tests, it was discovered that he was SS! How could this be when the husband was AA and the wife was AS? Well, the regular midnight prayer warrior sessions with Papa had eventually paid off after all, and Papa was now the proud father of another couples son! I tried to plead with the husband explaining to him that men like papa abound and they manipulate their victims emotionally, his response was I warned her to stop attending that church she won't listen!
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