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"Why There Are Doubts That A REAL Chibok Girl Was Found" - Cramjones

While I believe that Chibok girls were kidnapped, in addition to hundreds more that the media never really focused on as the sensation that met the Chibok abduction, I have reasons to believe the girl being paraded might just be a scam to justify all the foreign aid that have been poured in for their rescue. Or a political tool to increase favorability ratings in this trying times. I hope it is real, but there are pores in this narrative to make one have some degree of doubt. Here are two reasons why I think we should all ask real and factual questions.

1. According to the official report, Amina and her colleagues were in school to sit for physics WAEC exams. She was an SS III student. The Amina that was "rescued" can cannot speak in English. She is being translated even when English is spoken to her. Do we have a Hausa version of physics? Was she really a student? Or is she simply a fake?

2. Two years ago, someone whol looks exactly like Amina was paraded by the military with a bomb strapped around her, as one of the child suicide bomber Boko Haram had sent to cause havoc. Is this just a coincidence or is that girl really Amina 2 years younger that the Amina that resurfaced two years later as a rescued girl. Kindly examine the picture and make your conclusions. What are the odds in a country of 180 million people that two girls connected with Boko Haram would look exactly alike? (Refer to the pictures)

3. Think about it, in a rescue operation of about 200 girls, is it possible that just one can be rescued at a time? I understand they maybe in splinter groups, but the army rescuing just one is very very doubtful. Amina Ali was kidnapped no doubt, but was she even a student? Was she just rescued now. Why does she look exactly like the girl kidnapped by Boko Haram that was strapped with a bomb?

There have been so many scams with Boko Haram. From a few individuals stealing 2.1billion $ to Generals carting away millions of USD in private jets, to Mama Peace becoming a Nollywood sensation on her "there is God o" mantra. I just hope that this is not another scam.


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