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Stella Damasus Writes On 20 Successful Ways To Handle HATERS

[img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-seyVCxIEQDQ/Vz4mptYDf_I/AAAAAAACd_A/pUHU-NC5C_IY0MMyT2TM92bIokG4yRx3wCLcB/s400/stella.jpeg" width="400">She wrote this on her blog. Do read….

People have asked me over the years how I have handled the criticisms, trolls, negative comments, media bashing and crazy insults. I have put together 20 of the most effective methods that have helped me. I hope you find them useful.
1. Acknowledge the fact that haters thrive on Hate. It is a negative attribute/trait which kills internally and fast.

2. If you claim to be a positive person, don't waste your time dwelling on the negative.

3. You need to understand the fact that these people are HURTING within themselves. They need to escape from that hurt or take it out on someone. Continue...
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