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Another Olajumoke? Abeokuta Dapper Windscreen Cleaner Gets A Job Offer

It’s another case of Former bread seller, Olajumoke Orisunga whose life took a turn off when she walked into a photo shoot on the streets as Dapper windscreen cleaner, who goes by the name Abdullahi Olatoyan is a University Of Ilorin dropout, who turned to the streets after the demise of his father to make ends meet and start a business. spotted in Abeokuta has been offered a job.

Fashion entrepreneur, Uche Nnaji took to his IG page to offer him a job in his fashion label. He wrote

”Pls TAG him or send us his number we have a JOB waiting for him at OUCH: . I WOKE up to see this image and wondering…How can a young-man make an effort to DRESS this way to CLEAN car windshield in TRAFFIC and be LEFT to continue with this? ..God Forbid Bad Thing . 7 Reasons why this Man deserve a JOB at OUCH… 1: He made an effort to DRESS better than his present SITUATION shows/tells me that this is a Man with a VISION who needs a PUSH. 2: He could have decided to DRESS in a T-shirt and Jeans like others in the same TRADE,but HEY! He won’t have stood out and be noticed .. #sellyourself3: He could have STAYED at home living in self delusion that he is better than this kind of JOB. 4: He saw a NEED and DECIDED to provide a SOLUTION#solveAproblem 5: He understood the IMPORTANCE of wearing a SUIT I have said this countless TIMEs to Fresh graduates and JOB hunters to #DRESS4SUCCESS 6: He had a CHOICE of sitting at HOME, Living in SELF-Pity and BLAMING the Govt for his WOES in Life.but he decided to MAKE A MOVE and get his hands BUSY #7: For a bit I thought about what SOME people may say about this Gesture , but I quickly realized that even JobSEEKERs and those who have NEVER added VALUE TO SOCIETY or another human LIFE would ALWAYS talk as they NEVER see the brighter side of things…So let them TALK… PLEASE All I want is his nos as he deserves BETTER from life#Dress4success #MCM #SartoriallyCorrect #StyleInfluencer #OUCHman #Menswear #Suitgang #suits #Bowties #dapperlydone”


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