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akpos looking for job

Akpors who is an illiterate was
searching for a job and went to a big
company to make inquiry because of
the advertisement which was placed
outside the company. Akpors being so eager did not read the
advertisement properly. He just dashed
into the company and started asking
for the MD. Little did he know that such
a job requires someone who had been
to different parts of the world. MD: Hello young man, what can i do for
Akpors: Good morning sir, i came
concerning the advertisement placed
outside your company.
MD: I see!. I hope you know that this job requires someone who has been to
various parts of the world.
Akpors: Yes sir, i know.
MD: Good!. Now tell me, have you been
to London?.
Akpors: Yes sir, i lived there for 4 years.
MD: Wow! That's good. How about
South Africa, have you been there
Akpors: Yes sir, i lived there for 7
years. MD: Incredible!. How about The United
States Of America?.
Akpors: I have been there sir, i lived
there for 5 years.
MD: Hmm!. Then you must know alot
about Geography. Akpors: Yes sir!. I have also been to
Geography, i lived there for 8 years.

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