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Pumping Our Tyres At The Roadside During High Humidity; Any Risks?

I was conducting a little research on air compressors last evening, and something came to my mind.

The vulcanizers we find around us have the air compressors feeding the tyres directly, without any filter or storage tank. These help get rid of water which is a byproduct of compressed air. I remember stopping to buy something close to a vulcanizer one humid morning, and noticed that the hose end left on the road had considerable moisture coming out. Enough to get the asphalt where it was resting wet.

Now I am thinking, could there be a risk inflating our tyres off those sources, and getting water in? Could the quantity of water be enough to considerably increasing the pressure in the tyres on a hot day, especially if over-inflated? I am not an expert, but I know that steam under pressure is a high risk.

As a way of mitigation, would inflating our tyres only on a sunny day help?

Can fellows with a better understanding throw more light? This is just me thinking aloud.

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Posted By cheatmaster On 07:00 Sun, 15 May 2016

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