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Transgender Woman Dubbed Cement Face Warns Of The Dangers Of Unlicensed Medical Procedures (Photos)

[img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3-629JFXPJs/VzRaPRMwHpI/AAAAAAACc00/MzdtBYR9Nt0cmTIuqUdEj5RAofDxX6V8ACLcB/s1600/TR.jpg">A transgender woman has suffered for 10 years after a ‘doctor’ injected her face with cement and tyre sealant. Rajee Narinesingh fell victim to a notorious plastic surgery practitioner known as the ‘toxic tush doctor’ whose unsavoury methods to cut costs left many disfigured.

For years, Rajee had to deal with the hard lumps and nodules in her face from the harmful materials. She couldn’t have remedial surgery as doctors thought trying to fix it might cause even more problems.

But now Rajee can smile again because she managed to find surgeons who could correct what happened.
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