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Describe Akpos!, In one word if u can!!!?

Akpos and Mary were both
patients in a mental hospital.
One day while they were
walking past the hospital
swimming pool, Mary
suddenly jumped into the
deap end. She sank to the
bottom and stayed there.
Akpos promptly jumped in to
save Her, he swam to the
buttom and pulled Mary out.
When the medical doctor
became aware of Akpos's act,
he immediately ordered his
discharged as he now
considered him to be mentally
When he went to tell Akpos the
news, he said: Akpos, i hav a
gud news and bad news, the
gud news is you are being
discharged, because, since u
were able to jump in to a
swimming pool and save the
life of another patient, i think
u hav regain ur senses. and
the bad news is that, akpors,
the patient u saved hung
herself wit his bathrobe belt
in the bathroo, i am sorry she
is dead. Akpos replied, ,, she did
nt hang herself, i put her
there to dry!
In one word, describe Akpos!

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