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"Why Online Forex Trading Is A Fraud. My Findings"

Many People, especially Nigeria have lost huge amount of money trading online forex

They have been made to believe that they can make money trading it but the reverse has been the case. You have to glue your eyes to your phone or computer waiting for the chart to move in your favour, studying senseless indicators and waiting for foolish news to come out before you can buy or sell. In the end it is not even sure if the trade will move in your favour while your heart keeps pounding. But Audu, a mallam who is also a forex trader in Ikeja but this time offline trader does not go through all the stress online traders are going through, but he make huge money. funny enough he is an illiterate.

if you want to trade online forex newly, and u ask a supposed self-styled online forex trader guru to train you, then u are in for loss already. he will demand huge sum of money, sell materials, robot and also trading pattern. At the end he/she will still tell you u have to develop your own pattern of trading. Always taking advantage of the new comers to recover all that they have lost in the online forex trading which valued to 2 trillion daily. Liars! to be continued.

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Posted By cheatmaster On 05:56 Tue, 10 May 2016

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