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Lolz....Joke of this Week.

A Mom is driving her little girl to
a friend¡¯s house for a play date.
¡°Mommy,¡± the little girl asks,
¡°how old are you?¡±
¡°Honey, you are not supposed to
... ask a lady her age,¡± the mother warns. ¡°It is not polite.¡±
¡°Ok,¡± the little girl says. ¡°How
much do you weigh?¡±
¡°Now really,¡± the mother says,
¡°these are personal questions,
and really none of your business.¡±
Undaunted, the little girl asks,
¡°Why did you and daddy get
¡°That is enough questions,
honestly!¡± The exasperated mother walks away as the two
friends begin to play.
¡°My Mom wouldn¡¯t tell me
anything,¡± the little girl says to
her friend.
¡°Well,¡± said the friend, ¡°all you need to do is look at her drivers
license. It is like a report card¡ª
it has everything on it.¡± Later
that night, the little girl says to
her mother, ¡°I know how old
you are. You are 32.¡± The mother is surprised and
asks, ¡°How did you find that
¡°I also know that you weigh 140
pounds.¡± The mother is past
surprise and shocked now. ¡°How in heaven¡¯s name did you
find that out?¡±
¡°And,¡± the little girl says
triumphantly, ¡°I know why you
and daddy got a divorce.¡±
¡°Oh really?¡± the mother asks. ¡°And why¡¯s that?¡±
¡°Because you got an F in sex.¡±
mother fainted.

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