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Please Don't Ignore This Message *IT IS A MUST READ*

Please Don't Ignore This Message
A man has many
children. And all his children are nothing
but thieves, liars, fornicators
murderers etc. And they have done
of damages to the public that
they go, people will start beating
them and they will be locked in a dark
place. Their father was
uncomfortable and ask the societyto
release his children bet they refused
and ask the man to release himself for
them and his children will be free. This
gentle and kind man accepted to die
for his children for them to be free, to
be sincere,
this man used his death to pay forall
the damages his Children commited,
And as
from that day, the children were set
Listen now, You are free from
every captivity, bondage, you owe
nobody again, Jesus Christ have paid
all your debt and you are free to Move
celebrate, rejoice because you are free.
No more pains, no more sorrow,
disapointment, hatred, poverty,
depression, childlessness, no more
delay in marriage, delay in your
admision, visa, no more untimely
death and no
more miscarriage, in JESUS Name.
If you know that you are free
from all this..nd u love JESUS CHRIST
type ~AMEN~

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Posted By sunny4u On 06:37 Sat, 22 Dec 2012

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