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Must read...nobody knws 2moro

A poor boy loved a rich girl. One day, the boy proposed 2
her, the girl said,"listen! Your monthly salary is my
daily hand expenses. How can I be involvd wit U? How
could u
have thought of that? I can never love u. So, forget
about me & get engaged with someone else of your level." But somehow the boy could not forget her so easily. 10
years later. One day they came face 2 face in a
shopping cente
r. ...The lady said, "Hey! U! How r u?
Now I'm married. Do u knw how much my husband's
salary is? N200k per month! Can u imagine? & he is
also very smart." The guy's eyes got wet with tears by hearing those words. After few minutes her husband
came. Before the lady could say any other thing, her
husband said on seeing the guy."Sir you are here? Meet
my wife." Then he said to his wife,"This is my boss, I'm
also one of those workin on His $100million project.
And do u know a fact my dear? My boss loved a girl but he culdn't 4get her. That's why he is unmarried. How
much lucky would that girl have been if she had
married him. Now-a-days who can have this type of
love for someone?
Moral: Life is so short. So, don't beso proud of yourself
and damn others. Situations change with time. Everyone should respect other's love. Not only in
love...just don't be proud generally..

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Posted By Partho On 10:46 Fri, 21 Dec 2012

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