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Thursday 7th April 2016

Nii Kpakpo and Maa Tsuru are lovers in the novel (Faceless). Maa Tsuru is the mother of Fofo, Baby T and some other children. She does not gave a stable relationship as she comes across men who impregnates her and dumps her afterwards.
Being a gullible woman, Maa Tsuru believes Nii Kwakpo without questioning. She however regrets her relationship with the man later in the novelbas she realises her mistakes and gullibility. Maa Tsuru began to feel for the pinch. She dropped a hint to kpakpo but either he did not get it or refused to get it. Kwakpo succeeds in deceiving Maa Tsuru to part with her daughter, Baby T, only for Maa Tsuru to regret it later when Baby T is being gruesomely murdered.


Bigger Thomas as America’s Native Son
In the novel the Native Son, the author Richard
Wright explores racism and oppression in
American society. Wright skillfully merges his
narrative voice into Bigger Thomas so that the
reader can also feel how the pressure and
racism affects the feelings, thoughts, self-image,
and life of a Negro person. Bigger is a tragic
product of American imperialism and exploitation
in a modern world. Bigger embodies one of
humankind’s greatest tragedies of how mass
oppression permeates all aspects of the lives of
the oppressed and the oppressor, creating a
world of misunderstanding, ignorance, and
The novel is loaded with a plethora of imageries
of a hostile white world . Wright shows how white
racism affects the behavior, feelings, and
thoughts of Bigger.
“Everytime I think about it I feel like somebody’s
poking a red-hot iron down my throat…We live
here and they live there. We black and they
white. They got things and we ain’t. They do
things and we can’t…I feel like I’m on the
outside the world peeping in through a knot-hole
in the fence…” (20).
Bigger’s sense of constriction and of
confinement is very palpable to the reader.
Wright also uses a more articulate voice to
accurately describe the oppressive conditions of
a Negro person. An anonymous black cellmate, a
university student cries out,
”You make us live in such crowded conditions…
that one out of every ten of us is insane…you
dump all stale foods into the Black Belt and sell
them for more than you can get anywhere else…
You tax us, but you wont build hospitals…the
schools are so crowded that they breed
perverts…you hire us last and fire us
first…” (318)
Bigger’s sense of constriction by the white world
is so strong that he has no doubt that
“something awful’s going to happen to
me…” (21).
Nowhere in this novel can the reader see a
greater example of Bigger’s fear and sense of
constriction than in the accidental death of Mary
Dalton. The all-encompassing fear that the white
world has bred in Bigger takes over when he is in
Mary’s room and in danger of being discovered
by Mrs. Dalton. This internalized social
oppression literally forces his hands to hold the
pillow over Mary’s face, suffocating her. Bigger
believes that a white person would assume that
he was in the room to rape the white girl.
Bigger’s violent reaction to fear is inevitable.
When a person finds all outlets of expression and
development either closed or severely
constrained, like Bigger’s, violence is often the
instinctive reaction to oppression.

6. Native Son
Max attitude toward racial relations
Lawyer max is a member of the communist union. He is an elderly man with the reputation of fighting for the right of the deprived class and clan. Lawyer max is quite considerate and helpful. This is evident in his relationship with Bigger in the novel. Notwithstanding the allegations levelled against bigger, lawyer max staked his neck in bigger trial and does all he can to help bigger to get the sympathy of the court.
Max, in the course of defending the helpless in the society is self willed and indefatigable. He sometimes speaks philosophically. He compares mens belief about themselves to the steel and iron thigh holds a building together. Hjz interaction with bigger aids the revelation of biggers mindset. Bigger confides in Max that he kills because of his hatred for the white. He kills in order to satisfy his urge and he passes this across to Max.
In a Nutshell, Max could be seen as an advocate and Vanguard of the defenceless masses.


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