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His Mother Said His Fiancee Is Not Beautiful And Classy

I got this mail from a Nairalander.

See the unedited mail after the cut..

Please, read and advise him..

"I've been a guest at NL for a while, I just joined yesterday (Sunday) because I think I'm really in need of your advice.
I am one of those guys that do not believe is necessary for marriage or for a smooth (but advocate of understanding and sacrifice). I have been in this relationship for about 4 years. We've been strong together, and we were the admiration of very many while on campus, even much later, very many still wished they were like us. We planned on getting married last year, but my mom just didn't like her. My mom said she wasn't beautiful, and that she's not from our "class". The failure of our marriage plans caused a strain in my relationship with my mom, and also with my woman.
Although, I thought I was caused the hitch between my mom and my woman because of my insistence on marrying last year. This year, I tried to reconcile both, but it seems to becan almost-impossible task. My mom is impossible to deal with. I am confused!!!
Do I continue in with my woman (let the worse happen)?
Do I let her go (free her from my grip, yield to my mom)?
I'm so confused because I've never seen a woman with whom I am this much compatible. I have never seen a woman this decent, my brother told me I'd never get a girl like her if I lose her. Please advise me."

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Posted By CheatMaster On 11:22 Mon, 08 Feb 2016

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