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Judge essien has a son michael,who is very stubborn and always wants to play tricks on other peoples because his father is the judge.one day akpors is walking in the market unexpectedly someone give
hima hard slap on his face.akpors annoyingly turn to see who the hell in this town would dare think to slap him.when he turn he sees michael standing beforehim.akpors ask michael why didu slap me?
michael answered;i thought it was my frnd,i didn't knw it was u pls forgive me.akpors said no,i wil neva tolerate this u should either let me revenge wat u did to me or pay for it.michael replied that hewil do
none of the two,b'cos he did'nt do it intentionally.so akpors decided to take him to the judge not knowing that he is the judge son.having both thetwo made their statement to the judge.the judge ask michael
to pay akpors 1000 but he said that he dont hav money wit himnow.the judge ask him to go and pick the money in the next 30 minutes.on his way out the judge make a signal indicating to him that if he go
he should not come back.after about one hour michael did'nt come,akpors talk to the judge about it.the judge replied keep on waiting he wil stil come.2 hours passed on but stil there isno sign of michael.so
akpors stood up and giv the judge a hard slap and said if he comes tel him to giv u the money b'cosi cant wait for him


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