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farm survey is defined as the process by which measurement of land is made on the farm.such measurements by tables,plans or layout are done for specific purposes


-sole cropping system of farming is often practiced
-it involves the cultivation of large hectares of land
-it involves huge investment of capital or money
-it also involves the use of hired labour

-operation feed the nation
-green revolution
-school to ;land programme
-national directorate of food, road ND RURAL INFRASTRUCTURE(DFRRI)
-farm settlement schemes

pasture is a piece of land or field containing grass for sheep, goats and cattle as it grows.

-they contain grasses,legumes,herbs,shrubs and trees
-the grasses and other products are scattered within the savannah
-the products are have very good regenerative ability
-the products are drought resistant

iii) Tenera

ground nut:
Soil requirement:
-coarse textured sand-loam soil
-highly acidic to neautral/PH range of 5-7
-rich in calcium and phosporus which are essential for pod formation
Planting date:
march-april in south. late may and july in North
-This is done at 40cm-60cmx20cm
-15cm betwwen seeds and 40cm or 60cm betwen rows depending on the variety
-15cm betwwen seeds on ridges
Disease: Rosette disease

-flowes aare essential for the preparation of dyes
-essential for perfumd prepartion
-flowers are used for interior decorations
-it can be used as a gift of love between individuals

7a )
i ) The first step while designing fish
ponds should be to
study the soil type , topography
and water supply .
ii) In designing the fish farm , it should be decided as to
where and how many nursery ,
rearing and stocking
ponds are to be constructed .
iii) In case of a fish farm constructed
solely for the purpose of seed production, only
nursery and rearing
ponds may be constructed , with a
nominal area for
the brood stock ponds .
7b ) i ) Increase in fetal size

ii) Uterine distension
iii) Fatty degeneration of placenta
presence of infarcts

7c )
i ) Silages
Example- Hay crop silage
ii) Energy concentrates
Example - Cereal grains
iii) Protein supplements Example- Plant protein sources
i)Age or bad teeth
ii)Pregnancy status (open or
iii)Economics (drought, herd
reduction, market conditions)

i)Age or bad teeth
ii)Pregnancy status (open or
iii)Economics (drought, herd
reduction, market conditions)

i)Kill the adult flea on the host.
Flea collars may be
used but some animals are
sensitive to them.
There are sprays, injectables, washes, powders or "pour-
ons". Care should be taken when
selecting a
preparation suitable for cats.
ii)Kill the developmental stages in
the environment. This can be done by thorough
vacuum cleaning and
washing the animal's bedding.
There are insecticide/
insect growth regulator (IGR)
combinations available for household use.

7f )
i ) Vitamin D or phosporus
ii) vitamin C

-The level of soil fertility: Soil profile determines the level of soil fertility. A thick top soil represent high level of soil fertility

-To know the type of crop to grow: It helps the farmers to know the types of crop to grow eg deep root crops are grown where subsoil are thick while shallow rooted crop are grown in the top soil

-Penetration of roots: A loosely packed subsoil allows for easy penetration of roots of crops

-Level of drainage and aeration: A loosely packed subsoil allows for easy drainage and aeration

-Easy percolation: A loosely packed subsoil ensures easy percolation of water thereby preventing the occurrence of erosion

-It affect the performance of crops
-High humidity in poultry houses causes mouldiness of feed and litters
-Low humidity cause aridity or dryness
-It affect the growth rate of crops

-Igneous rock is formed from molten magma-Sedimentary rock is formed from sediments of organic eg fossils of plants and animals

-Igneous rocks are crystalline in nature-Sedimentary rocks are non crystals

-It is used for mining
-It is used for transportation

-It reduces the fertility of the soil
-It can cause sudden death of farm

(i) Castration is a procedure in which the testicles of a male animal are removed and thereby stops the functioning of the testicles by preventing the production of the male hormones so that the animal is unable to reproduce.

-Surgical Castration

(i) Ear notching is the perforation of ear done on new born baby of animals like pigs for the purpose of identification.
(ii) Weaning is the process of gradually introducing a mammal infant to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother's milk.

-For metabolic activities
_Helps in excretion of waste product
-For distributions of Mineral Salts in the body

(i) The farmer should ensure that the bee hive has opening
(ii) Proper application of honey or sugar in hive.

-It leads to early hatching
-It leads to the production of quality chicken
-It leads to proper hatching

The process of diffusion in agricultural extension is thee spread or dissemination of information on recent improved development in agricultural from researchers to the farmers through extension agents>

-granting of credit facilities
-granting of insurance cover.
-provision of farm inputs
-provision of market to the farmers

-it is time consuming
-it is also a very tedious method
-extension agent cannot reach many farmers

Draw the Diagram

-they are capital used during the process of production
they are capital purchased for continuous use in production

-it creates employment
-it helps in price determination
-it helps to make products available throughout the year.


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