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A book claiming to be the world’s
first ‘gay bible’ has been
published to coincide with the
debate on same-sex marriage.
Titled the ‘Queen James Bible’, its
editors claim that it is a re-
working of the King JamesBible
translated in a way that ‘prevents
homophobic misinterpretation of
God’s Word’.
‘Homosexuality was first overtly
mentioned inthe Bible in 1946 in
the Revised Standard Version.
There is no mention of or
reference to homosexuality in
any Bible prior to this – only
interpretations have been made’,
the book’s official website said.
Genesis 19:5 (King James)
‘And they called unto Lot, and
said unto him, Where are the
men which came in to thee this
night? Bring them out unto us,
that we may know them.’
Genesis 19:5 (Queen James)
‘And they called unto Lot, and
said unto him, Where are the
men which came in to thee this
night? Bring them out unto us,
that we may rape and humiliate
Timothy 1:10 (King James)
‘For whoremongers, for them
that defile themselves with
mankind, for menstealers, for
liars, for perjured persons, and if
there beany other thing that is
contrary to sound doctrine’
Timothy 1:10 (Queen James)
Christian Post that the Queen
James editors’ assessment of
past translations is not
‘Few, if any English translations
use the actualwords
‘homosexuality’ or ‘homosexual.’
But the history of English
translation shows that versions
have consistently used other
language to refer to what we
would call homosexual
relationships’, said Mr Moo.
‘For instance, the King James
Version of Romans 1:27 refers to
‘men, leaving the natural use of
the woman, burned in their lust
one toward another; men with
men working that which is
‘It would be very difficult to deny
that this language, and the
language found in many other
places in both the OT and the NT,
refersto homosexuality.’
A Vicar in New Zealand,
meanwhile, has caused outrage
by putting up a poster outside
his church in Auckland, New
Zealand, that claims Jesus was
‘It’s Christmas. Time for Jesus to
come out’, the sign proclaims,
with an image of baby Jesus as a
toddler in a manger, surrounded
by a rainbow halo.
Reverend Glynn Cardy of St
Matthew in the City church, said
that, as homosexuality was not a
word until the 1800s, any
mention of it in the Bible or other
documents would have
He points out that there is no
indication about Jesus’s
sexuality: ‘The fact is we don’t
know what his sexual
orientation was.’
His attempts at challenging the
status quo were defended by
fellow Reverend Clay Nelson who
said the billboard tried to
humanise Jesus by getting
people to think about the
challenges he would have had
growing up.
He added: ‘Some scholars have
tried to make the case that he
might have been gay.
‘But it is all conjecture. Maybe
gay, maybe not.Does it matter?
‘There is almost nothing in the
record of his teachings about
sexuality while there is plenty
about the perils of being rich.
Certainly he always supported
the marginalised in society.’

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