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======CRK LOADING======


The apostles had been arrested and released by an angel. They had been arrested again and are on trial before the Sanhedrin Council. The Council sets about to kill them, but one of their own group arises to defend them.
Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space.
Gamaliel ordered that the apostles be moved out of earshot while he sought to persuade the other council members to give up their notion of putting these men to death.
And said unto them, "You men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what you intend to do as touching these men.” Gamaliel advised the counsel members to think the matter over before doing anything rash toward the apostles.
He called their attention Theudas, who had a large following. He had about 400 followers and that was a sizable number of followers. Gamaliel pointed out that the Sanhedrin Council had not taken any action against Theudas. Their action was not needed. That Somebody outside the council had killed Theudas and nothing ever came of this movement after the death of their leader. The group then dwindled away.
Gamaliel also called attention to Judas of Galilee who he said gathered a large following to himself. But he, too, died and his movement died out with him. Gamaliel counseled the Sanhedrin to leave the apostles alone. If they took action against them and put them to death, they stood in danger of getting into trouble with the Roman authorities.
Gamaliel reasoned that if the followers of Jesus met with God’s disapproval, then they should let God deal with them. The Council concedes and the apostles were freed.

(i) Wisdom
(ii) Sincerity



St.James admonished Xtians not to show partiality bcos they hold the faith ofJesus Christ who is d Lord of glory.He warned xtians not to allow class distinction in their midst.He accused them of dishonouring the poor among them and honouring the rich.He also advised them to love their neighbours according to d scripture,but if they show partiality,they av committed sin.


i)There is widespread social injustic in churc.

ii)favouritism and nepotism is commön in church.

iii)The rich violated laws of land and go unpunished by church


(i) Because he prayed to God and he prayed with his windows open toward Jerusalem
(ii) He was accussed of disobeyong the king's order.
(iii) He refused to eat the king's food

(i) Believing in the word of God
(ii) Giving
(iii) fasting and praying


After the death of Joshua the Isrealites were ruled by judges because they had no king.the judges were either prophets or prophetess Deborah took over as one of the judges in Isreal,she is the wife of Lappidoth. During her reign Isreal was under the oppression of jabin king of cannan. Deborah then invited Barak and told him that he was the one the God will use to liberate isrealites from Jabin oppression.

-They contribute to rural development
-Women take part in economic development
-Women take great part in politics and policy making


======IRS LOADING======

Irs obj:

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