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PHOTO: Woman With Penis Arrested At Airport

A transgender lady, has said she was embarrassed and left in tears after her penis caused her subjection to a 40-minute arrest and interrogation session by airport officials.

The woman- Shadi Petosky, claims she was humiliated after being held by airport security staff – because her penis showed up as an ‘anomaly’ on a full body scanner.

Shadi reported that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers took her into custody and subjected her to a 40-minute frisking, inspection and explosive material scare which led to her missing a flight.

Narrating her ordeal, the writer said she queued in the female line at security check point at Orlando International Airport when the scanner picked up the ‘anomaly’.

The producer is quoted to have informed TSA agents that it was her penis, adding that she is transgender.

But regardless of her explanations, the agents said she would have to undergo a full body scan as a male.

The cross-sexual took shots of herself in an interview room where she was allegedly held by airport officials.

The rest of her ordeal was documented via twitter.

Shadi Petosky @shadipetosky
I am being held by the TSA in Orlando because of an "anomaly" (my penis)
9:08 PM - 21 Sep 2015

Shadi Petosky @shadipetosky
The TSA at the Orlando Airport told me I couldn't take photos but this is denigrating. I have missed my flight
9:27 PM - 21 Sep 2015

Shadi Petosky @shadipetosky
The TSA has left me in a room alone. There is an officer holding the door.
9:28 PM - 21 Sep 2015
Shadi Petosky @shadipetosky
TSA agent Bramlet told me to get back in the machine as a man or it was going to be a problem.

Shadi Petosky @shadipetosky
I described what the flagging screen looked like to an artist. This is the anomaly.
7:11 PM - 22 Sep 2015

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