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How To Display Call Duration | Hide File | Change Folder Icon | Turn Your Folder To A Transparent One On Your Mobile Phones

Welcome in here again, This tutorial here are well known to some people but not to everybody
How To Display Call Duration On Your Phone
Some new Nokia s40 phones dont show the call duration when a call is in progress. Its really unexpected from a brand like Nokia. Nevertheless, to see the duration press Menu > Log > Call Duration or Menu >271 (when a call is in progress).
How To Hide File On Your Phone
It’s a very simple thing to do, so I hope you already know the process. So I’m not describing the process in details here. In case u dont know, just download MobyExplorer and change the attribute of any file as hidden with this application.
Compressing Flash Files: If you are trying toupload, send or store some of your flash (.swf) files but the total size is too big, thenzip (pack) all the flash files into a single zip file with Jzipman or mini commander application. Now calculate and see the change in size. It will be about half of the total size of flash files. It happens because of the high compression ability of flash files.
How To Change Your Folder To Theme Icon
Another funny trick. Rename any folder inside your memory card as okaztle.nth (i.e.If the folder name is Images then make it Images.nth) .Funny hu?
How To Change Folder Icon
Its as simple as ABC. Open memory card and rename your folders as predefgames, predeftones, predefgraphics or predefthemes. Now see the change in folder preview icon. Dont use any capital letter in the folder name and be carefull about the spelling. This trick is only available for the icons mentioned above, other icons cannot be viewed. And it works in s40v2 phones. I’ve tested this trick on some s40v3 phones but couldn’t succeed.
How To Turn Your Folder To A TransparentOne
To make a folder icon transparent, rename the folder and add .otb at the bottom of the name. For example, if the folder name is Gallery then rename it as Gallery.otb and see.
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