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U saw a good well trained girl to marry, but u
chose a bum short wearing lobatian who is good
in bed, Indomie wil be ur portion.

You only take pictures in front of the airport, its
safe for me to assume you're a cab driver.

Lemme Make this Clear...Red Lipsticks aint for
Everyone..If ur teeth is Yellow like a danfo bus,
Respect urself & Stay Away 4rm it!!

...and you carry phone with MTN sim enter exam
hall?, with intention of cheating by browsing the answer? My friend dey
prepare for an Additional year!

How can your babe tweet that she prefers
better break up!

Using the iron to dry your socks 10mins before

He who calls 'Sachet Water' instead of 'Pure
Water' is not Thirsty enough.

The secret behind the 6 packs (abs) and muscles
in most 9ja guyz is cos of years of hardship &
starting up generators!

One good thing about been Ugly. At least u
would be least considered for rituals. Dem no dey
use JUJU do JUJU na!

World's Shortest Joke --â–º"Two Yoruba Women

You can't actually look like a burnt offering and
be praying for a "Yellow PawPaw Boyfriend"
LaiLai! It won't work!!

GOD is great: He blows the naughty wind which
blows the girl’s skirt high, But he sends dust
along to close the boys eyes as well.

At 20 You Get Rose Tattoo For Your Breast... At
60 It'll Luk Like UGU Leaf !!!

Women these days, some of your eyebrows looks
like you are sponsored by Nike!! make una take
am easy with the shaping Abeg!

Dejo Laughing behind Akpos at ATM Machine:I
have seen ur password; Akpos:Wat is it? Dejo:Its
4 stars(****)Akpos:Ha ha! u r wrong,it's 2710.

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