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Check this out.

Mr. 419: Hello, how are you?.

Me(Ofego): Fine! Please, who am I
speaking with?.

Mr. 419: Ha, don't you remember
me?. Who do you know in London
that could be calling?.

Me(Ofego): (Sensing a scam, i threw
in a trap…) Caleeeeeeeeb! Is that
you?. (Truly, i didn't know any Caleb
in London)

Mr. 419: (Thinking it's a break, he
swallows the bait) Of course, of
course, this is Caleb! How come you
didn't recognise my voice initially?.

Me(Ofego): (I know it's a scam so i
decided to punish him verbally and
financially. He had the time this
morning, so i was going to assist him
waste his call credit) Caleeeeeeeeeb!
Kai! Omo buruku gbaa ni o! (You are
a very bad boy). Your father died,
you didn't even show up or send a
letter. Omo, ur children will repay
you with such o. Didn't you hear
about his demise?. He was so bitter
and full of curses for you.

Mr. 419 (Obviously subdued): I didn't
hear o. I would have come.

Me(Ofego): Too bad. Did you heard
your mother has leprosy too?. You
didn't hear about that, abi?.

Mr. 419: (Now uncomfortable) No, I
didn’t hear.

Me(Ofego): (Enjoying myself
thoroughly) Too bad! Is your wife
that foolish too?. Not even a word
from her after you people got
married without our blessings! If the
husband is not wise, is the wife lame
- witted too?.

Mr. 419: She's fine! I'm certain she'll
get across to you. I have an issue to
discuss with you.

Me(Ofego): (breaking in before the
419 begins his story) Ah!
Caleeeeeeeeb, O se mi o (you
offended me). I sent you money to
buy me a car and you just
disappeared. When am I having my
money back?. You want me to curse
you too like your father did?. I don't
have his kind of patience o! I'm sure
you know. I won't wait that long
before I give you what you
deserve. I'll pronounce wicked
curses on you o.

Mr. 419: (Grunted). This issue that i
want to say is important.
Me(Ofego): Shut up! When are you
sending money home?. We sent you
to school, clothed you and sent you
abroad, Are you now a 419?.


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