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Wednesday 1st July Paper I: Practical –
Drawing – 10:00am – 1:00pm
Paper II: Drama & Poetry –
Literature in English – 2:30pm –
3) Erelu’s final ritual unconditioned to the Owu deeds is
significant to the Owu people in many ways secure, apart
from serving a preparatory purpose as a journey towards
eternal rest, it also represents a way of immortalizing them.
It is believed that ancestors are living deeds who shod
always be prepared to heard the call of their offspring in
periods of tribulations, during the final ritual validation, Erelu
is possessed by Anlugbua’s spirit and certain things are
revealed The playwright uses this to examine the harsh
reality of war and its psychological effect on the people and
how mankind is primarily responsible for his own
destruction due to greed and ego Erelu final valediction is to
culminate in the play’s tragic and as she slumps and dies in
order to archive “peropatia”, the reversal if fortunes which a
tragic her to or heroine must undergo.
Section II
Bernard Shaw : Arms and The man ,
(5 a )
Raina petteaff: She is a be antiful young lady.
As the only child of her parents, they pampered
her and spirit her. she is very romantic and
appreciated beauty as she is seen in the
opening rana : she ask her sister about love and
marriage . Though she does not really love
sargine , she wants to marry him because of air
heroic quantities. Although the marriage was not
work out and she agrees to marry her chocolate
cream solour another hero . Rasim is generous,
harptable, compassionate and impulse . These
aspect her character come out clear in her
relationship .
(5 b )
Imtrahli: it is on impulse that she decided to
hate film from the Bulgarian stations and trak
pity on him and calls in her mother to help save
her life . Raina dells dies and prepares a hot
rod high inter fared out by Bluntsahh , who is a
practical man .
(5 c )
Nicola : he is the model of good servant is
obedient , he hopes to open shop at sofia and
would still need his employers patronage. He
therefore does not want to loose that patronage
by been obedient . He is complacent instead he
accepted sparkling cake pudding in order to
cover his mistress secret. He does not intrude
or interfere to his superior conversation or
affair like Louka does . He is more appropriate
than Louka and realizes that if he fell out with
the putpuff , they will make life miserable for him
in the and as he advises Louka . He serviced
the petteaff faithfully for ten years and he
could not stop his benefits for any reason.
Bhuntsehh also describ him as “the ables of
man I ‘ve mate in Bulgaria ”
(8 .)
The Characters of Dr. Chausible and Mias
Arism are used to comment on religion and
Dr. Chausible is an intellectual characters who
spares in metaphors , He is a country Vicar who
often refers to common laws are gives father
by advice. He performs characters and
interchangeable sermons depending on situations
and he is in -fully attract to Niss Prims .
Often absent minded is always separating
morals , he symbolizes the playwright ‘s view on
religion and morality.
Mias Prism is also an intellectual but in a
literary way she is a creative writer with a tall
dream of becoming a sensational romantic novelist
but she must mare a living she is indeed racily
jailer and guardian of her education and values
she also mares constant moral judgement she
educates racily to conformity ad persists in
inviting plausible to discuss marriage , pursues him
diligently and eventually falls into his arms.
She becomes the appropriate character to
unsaved Jack ‘s true identity because she is also
not what she seems .
Section III
( 10 )
Ambassadors of poverty as a sare.
The corrupt masters of the economy With their
head abroad And anus at home Patriots in reverse order
Determined merchants of loots To improverish
brothers and sisters at home Ambassadors of
poverty are The ‘saviours ‘ of the people Office
loafers in the guise of workers Barons of
incompetence With kleptomaniac fingers And
suckling filaments Positions occupants and
enemies of service Locked in corrosive war of
corruption With their peoples ‘ tresury And killing
their future Ambassadors of poverty are the
dubiuos sit -tight ‘patriots’ Frustrating the
corporate will of their follower
Section IV
( 12 )
-theme of the power of the sun over Everything:
The poet admits to the power of the sun and
its influence in Changing things. He asks the
readers to look round if they are not blind , and
report to him the noticeable changes brought by
the sun in the environment . He further asks
them to examine history and see how the sun
which in This case , controls time, has inflicted
death on kings with its power . “ask for those
kings whom thou saw’st yesterday, and thou shalt hear ‘ all
here in One bed lay ‘”.
Another theme is the theme of the poets dislike
for distractions in His love affairs : the poet is
unhappy with the way the sun uses its beams
to disturb lovers by waking them up.
Unfortunately , he is unable to control his anger
and raids insults on it . “Busy old fool, unruly sun , why
doest thou thus,”
He wants the sun not to distract love affairs
because love is not controlled by season , climate , hours ,
days or months.
The final theme is the theme of indispensibility
of the sun : despite the insults raided by the
poet on the sun because of its distractions or
intrusions in Love affairs , he accedes to the
fact that the sun is indispensible . He says he
has the power to close his eyes against the
sun to show its powerlessness but cannot do so
for long. “I could eclipse and cloud them with a
wink; but , that i would not loose her sight for long”.
From line 25 we see the poet conceding to the
usefulness of the sun because it brings joy to
the people and urges it to warm the world
which is its duty and into his bedroom . ” Shine
here to us, and thou art everywer ; this bed thy
centre is , these walls thy spheres. ”

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