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Akpos Again...smh

That's how AKPOS was asked to come for a Party
with his DATE, Akpos went there with a

OCHUKO: Nice phone. Where did u buy it?..
AKPOS: I won it in a race..
AKPOS: Me, the phone owner & the Police.

TEACHER: Akpos, What does your father do?..
AKPOS: Whatever my mother says.

*in principals office* PRINCIPAL: Akpos, have a seat..
AKPOS: Thank you sir *picks up chair and

TEACHER: Why did u bring a rope to the Exam
AKPOS: My dad told me to SKIP the
questions I don't know.

OCHUKO: Akpos, why are you tiptoeing past the Chemist?..
AKPOS: Shhhh, I don't want to wake the SLEEPING PILLS.

OCHUKO: Akpos, why do u keep saying 'Good Morning Sir' to the mirror?..
AKPOS: Last nite, Ekaette told me to respect myself.

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Posted By mili3kid On 08:12 Tue, 27 Nov 2012

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