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Emilia Clarke Recalls Game of Thrones Sex Scene's Pink Sock Prank, Has "Eyebrow-Off" With Cara Delevingne

Emilia Clarke recently recalled a funny prank played on her while filming a particularly shocking sex scene onGame of Thronesand got a little silly herself onThe Graham Norton Showthis week.

The 28-year-old actress, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO series, was joined on the program, which aired on Friday, by herTerminator: Genisysco-starArnold Schwarzenegger, 67, Jake Gyllenhaal, 34, and supermodel andSuicide SquadactressCara Delevingne, 22.

Clarke talked about how Jason Momoa, the 35-year-old gorgeous specimen of a man who played her husband Khal Drogo, tried to

"lighten the mood" before shooting a now-iconic almost-sexual assault scene with her during season 1. You know, the one that took place before all the "Moon of my life" and "My sun and stars" Dothraki love babble.

"There was the lovely, uh, the lovely rape scene...so obviously, there's nudity and you kind of have to try to lighten the mood," she said. "So he decided to not use a modesty sock but use a beautiful pink, fluffy sock."

"So getting that close-up from me looking petrified, just like 'I didn't want it to happen' [drew] lots of laughter—'It's huge and it's big and i don't know what to do!'" she joked.

Momoa has talked about the prank at fan events in years past. At one of them, as seen in a YouTubevideo, he told the crowd that he wanted to "have some fun" with the scene, so he went and bought a bag of "fluffy pink polka dot socks with different things, little animals."

"She was like, 'Jason has a fluffy pink thing on his penis'" he told the crowd. "And they were like, "Momoa, we need to get this shot! We have to go!' And I was like, 'I'm the only f--ker in here naked! I don't see anything more appropriate than me having a good time. I mean, this is awkward. Just let me make her laugh and I'll try to get through this.'

OnThe Graham Norton Show, Clarke also talked about the most shocking deathfrom the recent season 5 finale, saying, "That was a tough one, out of nowhere."

She also took part in an "eyebrow-off" with Delevingne, who is known for her thick brows.

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