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Funny class

Funny jokes Teacher: Ok class, let’s
show the principal and our guest
how far we’ve gone this year.
If i
say a word, you should add er &
Oya! Let’s give it a try
Class: [nods]
Teacher: Tall
Class: taller, tallest
Teacher: small
Class: smaller, smallest
Teacher: clean
Class: cleaner, cleanest.
Teacher: [smiles] very good.
Class: very gooder, very goodest.
Teacher: oh my goosh
Class: oh my goosher, oh my
Teacher: stop it now!
Class: stop it nower, stop it
Teacher: oh please
Class: Oh pleaser Oh pleasest
Teacher: Is this how I taught
Class: is this how i taughter?. Is
this how i taughtest?.
Teacher: what a disgrace!
Class: what a disgracer, what a
Teacher: [turns to the principal]
i’m very sorry about this sir.
Class: i’m very sorry about this
sirer, i’m very sorry about this
Oya add your own below………

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