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FActs u dont knw!

Dis are facinatin',fabulous and exictin' facts 4 u 2 knw:

-D prayin' mantis can turn its head 360degres
-wen a Lion roars it sound covers abt 50miles feom d source
-a dolphin sleeps wit one of its eye closed
-Birds dont sleep over ngt in their nest, dey only lay eggs dere
-an elephant is d only animal dat cant jump
-Insects dont cross a chalk line...practice dis draw a line wit a chalk insects can neva pass across
-a crocodile doesnt grows more dan its habitat(water)...i.e if put a small crocodile in an aquarium it will remall small 4 life.
-Leonard da vinci is d only person dat can write wit one hand and draw wit d other hand.
-an average male orgasm last six seconds while an average female orgasm last twenty seconds.
-when two people kiss dey exchange over 10million to 1 Billion bacteria.
-d left testicle hangs lower dan right for right-handed men,Vice versa for d lefties.
-Human have no sense of smell durin' sleepin'.
-when a puppy is born it's deaf,blind and toothless.
-d finger nails grow four times faster dan d toes nails.
-------TO BE CONTINUED-------

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