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Literature (Drama & Poetry) 2015 Expo Runz

Literature 3(Drama & Poetry) ---- 2.00pm - 4.30pm

(1) The blinkards originates during the colonial period during the time in which the urge to become more Europeanized than the Europeans dawned on educated Africans who had traveled abroad in search of the proverbial greener pastures. As they returned, they look at African culture as been orthodox, archaic, and outdated. This their attitude leads to a kind of socio - cultural crises, leading to most people imitating English way of life, thought, feeling, attitude, phonetics, religion and culture.

(7) It is indeed n irony that jack, whom Lady Bracknel despises becos of his poor background, eventually turns out to be her nephew, thus transforming to a rich background. Similarly, Lady Bracknel, whom jack hates so much & criticizes, turn out to be his aunt. It is equally an irony that jack the child lost twenty- eight years ago in a bag turns out to be in the custody of the same bag in which he got lost, thereby solving d riddle of his loss

(10) The poetic personal presented his expenses as a blackman when he narrated his ordeal among the people of the country. In line 1, stanza 1, he said he lived among the people who respected him, who related with him cordially and treated him with him cordially and treated him with respect and maturity.
However, the advent of the white man/ Asian into the picture changes the situation of things.

He was philosophical about how the wind of life can blow one off course to the extent that one may not find his bearing again.

He became paron in the hands of the superior forces,that is, the whiteman/ Asian.

His experience at the market symbolize how life can be unpredictable and unpalatable to a black man,

(8) Miss prism is a minor character who nevertheless plays a crucial role .she is governess to Cecily.she was also in a previous employment, a maid to general and Mrs moncrieff . in spite of her lowly position and status miss prism holds d key to d mystery about jack's mistaken identity in the play, after 29years of anonymity. According to her account, she as jack's nanny much earlier,in a moment of mental distraction, mistakenly deposits the manuscript of a novel she is writing in the bassinette and places jack, then a. Baby, in the hand bag instead

(12) The errand of the soul in "The soul's Errand" is about the journey of soul through eternity, the soul does not die but keep on reincarnating. when the body died the soul moves on. in this case the soul should not be afraid of any harm because it has carried out his assignment, no harm can affect the soul, when the body stop working, the soul will move on to another place. the poet reveals his thoughts on the immortality of the soul through series of command and denunciation.

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