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Agricultural Science Practical Free Expo Runz

+Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015:
Agric Science 3(Practical) --- 9.30am - 11.00am(1st Set)
Agric Science 3(Practical) --- 11.30am - 1.00pm(2nd Set)

A: calcium
B: protein
-it provides support for animals
-it gives shapes to animal
-it is essential in storage of nutrient
-animals use it for defence
-it enhance the appearance of animals
-it is used in decorating homes
-it is used to attack
-when decay, it turns to manure
-for manufacturing of guns and buttons
-it is used by crops for normal growth
-it is consumed by man and animals,
therefore it is essential for body growth
-it prevent erosion and leaching
-it adds nitrogen to the soil through

G: Ageratum onizoids
H: Sida acuta
I: Imperata cylindara
J: Pennisetum purpureum
K: Boerhavia diffusa
-it resist burning because it posseses succulent
rhizomes which have high water content located
it germinates more during the rainy season and
the seeds remain intact during the dry season
it has a high resistivity to drought and even
during dry season, they still germinate
-they are consumed by livestock
-they can be used for medicinal purposes

-they can be consumed by livestock
-they can be used as compact materials
-they can be used for medicinal purposes
-they serve as manure
-they are weeds

-to indicate light in the farm house
-to create heat for the young chicks
-for digging the soil
-for loosening of the hard p soil
-for transplanting of seedling
-for weeding nursery beds

-wear and tear during friction
-rusting of the metal part
-blockage of the pipe for spraying.
-protective gloves
-overall rain coat/jacket
-nose guard

-store in cool and dry places after use
-replace any damage parts when required
-clean and wash after use

-helps in the mixing of the soil
-increase the organic matter in the soil
-it helps to improve soil structure
-it helps in soil aeration

after harvesting of the rice, the harvested rice will
be parboiled to a certain temperature for early
removal of the husk from the rice seedling and
after the rice will be stored in sacks or cool and
dry place.
after the harvesting of the groundnut from the
soil, the farmer will now remove the groundnut
seed from the husk and it will later be stored in a
cool and dry place.

-by hand picking
-spray suitable pesticides
-timely planting

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